Rave Reviews

Hello Mary,

Just a short note to thank you for putting together these DVD’s – enjoying them very much – as I knew I would! I have watched them several times now and each time is more awe-inspiring! I have also read your book “Wedding Wisdom” which I had ordered through Amazon. Again, very inspiring with a lot of great information.

Mary, I have admired you ever since watching “Whose Wedding is it Anyway” – thank you – you have guided me to do better and better in my own wedding and special events business! It is still a part-time business and am working towards it being a full-time business and your inspiration and success is helping me tremondously.

Have a great day and all the very best to you always Mary!

We loved working with you on Maria and Tony’s wedding, you are one of the best planners we’ve worked with in our past 6 years of being in business. We saw how genuine you were with the clients, calming them down and tending to their needs and how you made sure we got everything we needed, you definitely deserve the awesome reputation you’ve acquired!

We are almost done with Maria and Tony’s full video and we will send you a copy of that as well. They just got a normal documentary “chronological” video, so it isn’t as exciting as the highlight or one of our full creative cinema videos, but I think you’ll still like it! 😉 We hope to have the pleasure of working with you again one day, until then, best wishes for the upcoming wedding season!

Cheers and Love,
Kelsey and David


Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity and the courage to follow my dream as a wedding/event planner. Your enthusiasm, generosity, and dedication continue to motivate me to the next level as a wedding/event planner. Your mentorship program that I attend this past September 2010 was most welcome and enlighten for me. Mary, you Rock!!

Happy Entertaining,

Carol Nunley, Circle of Love, LLC
Wedding/Event Planner

Hello Mary!

Things are finally calming down after the wedding and we are looking through the pictures of the wedding and remembering what an AMAZING day we had. I wanted to thank you so so so much for what a wonderful job you and your team did. It was the best day of both of our lives!

I would never have been able to make anything like that happen with our busy schedule, and you made every detail amazing. You kept my mom calm and coordinated all those people – I’m sure there was more going on than I will ever know!

The pre-wedding morning and the ceremony went beautifully smooth and stress-free. Rose was wonderful and knew what I needed, even before I did. Every vendor that you recommended did a wonderful job – from hair and makeup to flowers and limo!

Then, there was the reception – PERFECT! The room was everything we dreamed of and more. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate that you took what we had envisioned and made it happen. We got so many complements on how beautiful it all was. At least thirty people told me it was the best wedding they have ever been to! And we had a GREAT time!!!

It was, honestly, the perfect day – everything we imagined and more!

Thank you so much for everything!

Ashley and Andy Hanson

Hi Mary –

I wanted to thank you for your advice and guidance during our call on Wednesday. I took some time to process everything that you said and am so excited to move forward and really take what you said and put it into action. I am currently looking to bring on one or two more interns and have reached out to Beth Helmstetter to see if we can talk about her office space.

Thank you again for everything and I look forward to sending you updates of my accomplishments. Please know that you had a hand in inspiring me to reach outside of my comfort zone and encouraging me to have confidence in myself and my abilities. I will forever be grateful!

Career Counseling

Mary, Mary, Mary,

What a wonderful, memory-filled day – or was it 2? I can’t even remember back when I was thinking twice about having you be my partner in this wedding planning process. I could never have gotten through it without you – honestly. What a pleasure it was working with you. You were the calm in the storm, the constant in the turmoil and the light at the end of the tunnel. You knew what you were doing and I was dependent on your vast experience, exquisite taste and wonderful guidance. You made the entire process a fabulous one, Mary. I can’t thank you enough.

We are home helping Devi and Daniel pack to leave in the morning for England. Tom’s mother came for dinner tonight and quizzed me about how often I cook for him. J What an amazing woman! We will leave for the desert tomorrow after they fly out.

Everyone who came to the wedding was raving about it, Mary. You’re a pro but more than that your style and your love permeate your work. Thank you for helping us and for being a part of it. And oh yes!!!! We were blown away by the room last night. Tom took pictures and we’ve been showing people all day. The kids came in this morning and checked it out. All were greatly impressed. Please thank your team and I hope we stay in touch, Mary. I have so enjoyed getting to know you.

Thank you. Love,

Hello Mary and Staff!

We just got back from our honeymoon and have finally settled back into reality. I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Our wedding was even more perfect than we could have even imagined. You guys were the cherry on top to the perfect evening. We keep hearing soooo many compliments about the wedding. My guests are raving about how organized and amazing everything was, and its all thanks to you. You and your staff are so professional, so knowledgeable, and above all, amazing people! Thank you so much once again and we have been recommending you to everyone! If I loved working with you, then I am sure others will too. =)

Love, Marcos and Christine Magar

Dear Mary:

It was a pleasure to work with you. You are very professional and you make everything happen in a relaxed and friendly environment which makes a great experience working with you and your great team. The wedding day is always very stressful but it was amazing to see you always smiling and interacting with our clients. With the magic of your professionalism, you transformed the stress of the wedding into an enjoyable working day. It was a pleasure working with you and your fantastic team.

George Taverna

Dear Mary Dann & Co.-

We just got back from our amazing honeymoon and wanted to thank you for putting on the perfect wedding for us! You all truly did an amazing job and we are so happy that we hired you, we would do it again in a heatbeat if we had to. The day and night ran incredibly smoothly and you and your team were on top of everything. I love Constance! The only complaint we can think of is that it was too cold outside 🙂 Our Suite at the end of the night is really what did it for me. It literally took my breath away! We didn’t want the night to end. Our big question was how did you get the water in the tub to stay hot for so long? It was awesome! You really, truly made us feel like rolalty. Thanks so much again for all your hard work in makiing this our once in a lifetime dream wedding!

Best, Kim and Kevin Doner

Dear Mary,

I wanted to thank you so much for the referral. They hired me! =) I appreciate your kindness and for thinking about me!

You’re awesome!

Deanna Tat

Dear Mary,

What can I say except THANK YOU a million times over! I’ll be forever grateful for the knowledge, tips, advice and experience I’ve gained spending three days with you. You truly are the best at what you do, and to be in your presence was so humbling. I will take everything you’ve taught me to heart and will work on my downfalls you pointed out to me. Thank you for this incredibly valuable service you are offering new planners, you set the bar very high. Mary I know I just met you, but you made such an impact, you are such a warm, honest, humble, smart and incredible woman and the impact you make in this industry is priceless!

Constance, Jenny, Melissa and Rose, thank you all for being so kind and welcoming. It was so great spending time with you girls and learning from you. Thank you for welcoming me into your world!

Blessings to you all and your families! 😀

p.s. I’m looking forward to buying your book as soon as it’s published Mary! 🙂

Sincere thanks,
Deanna Tat, PBC

I am so appreciative of you in so many ways.

1. You are so good for our industry. The level of professionalism you bring to the work you do helps insure the future demand for all of us. When people see what can be done by somebody like you, they realize the true benefit of hiring event professionals.

2. Your willingness to share your knowledge through instructional materials, mentoring others, speaking at national conventions, etc.

3. You presented at my inaugural event as director for the Inland Empire ABC. We had a record turnout and many told me it was the best ABC meeting they had ever attended.

4. You have a genuine interest in other people. You spoke up to the Mission Inn staff about how they should add one of our members to their vendor list…and they did…the very next day.

5. You let me visit your office, gave me the privilege of filming you and then generously gave me a link on your site and a credit in your book. WOW!

I will always be proud to tell people, “Mary Dann…I know her”

Please call on me anytime I can do anything for you or anybody you know.